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Our Services

In-Home Respite Program is designated for families that are caring for their family member with developmental disabilities, in their own home, sometimes need a few hours away to revitalize themselves and be ready to meet the ongoing needs of their families.

At GSG Support Services, we realize how demanding providing care for a person can be—on time, energy, resources and patience.

Trained staff members provide support for individuals on a one-to-one basis that is tailored to the needs and desires of the individual and the family. Services may focus on support and training in any of the following areas as needed or requested:

  • Assist family members in maintaining the client at home.
  • Provide appropriate care and supervision to ensure the client's safety in the absence of family members.
  • Relieve family members from the constantly demanding responsibility of caring for the client.
  • Attend to the client's basic self-help needs and other activities of daily living including interaction, socialization, and continuation of usual daily routines which would ordinarily be performed by the family members.

Our staff of caregivers, administrative personel, and RN also have the dedication and reliability needed to provide non-medical home care services with the high standard of quality and commitment you and your family deserve.