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Our Goals:

  • To be family supportive
  • To provide a positive flexible service that meets your family’s needs
  • To reduce the level of stress created by full time respite
  • To offer the caregiver periodic relief from the responsibility and supervision of the family member allowing the caregiver an opportunity for self-renewal
  • To offer new social experiences for the disabled individual

Respite Service…What Is It?

Respite services are basic caregiver support services. GSG Support Services is committed to provide high quality service. Respite provides appropriate, time-limited care for individuals with developmental disabilities and persons designated as “at risk.” Respite provides:

  1. In-Home respite: designed to allow the special needs or “at risk” individual to remain in the home, while relieving the family caregiver of the constant responsibility of caring for their family member.
  2. Community Access respite: designed to allow the disabled or “at risk” person to have access to recreational and social activities available in the community.